Cymbals Eat Guitars

Staten Island's finest.

Bio Cymbals Eat Guitars

Its two years since Cymbals Eat Guitars, fronted by songwriter and lead vocalist Joseph D’Agostino, self released their debut album Why There Are Mountains. The record was a distillation of a modern America beyond the boundaries of Brooklyn, lyrically an update on the New York of Roth and Bellow, musically inspired by the likes of Guided By Voices and Pavement, displaying a maturity that belied their comparative youth.

The album received a huge amount of critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. The four piece, with D’Agostino on guitar and vocals (displaying the most ferocious primal scream this side of Black Francis), Matt Miller on drums, Brian Hamilton on keys and Matthew Whipple on bass, embarked on a whirlwind of international touring. So they played support to the likes of The Flaming Lips and The Hold Steady and hit up festivals from Lollapolooza and Glastonbury. Finally, come the autumn of 2010, Cymbals Eat Guitars hopped off the touring carousel to start work on their second album.

Lenses Alien is a stunning example of a band growing into itself – learning to collaborate, becoming more confident with themselves and each other. At its core, Lenses Alien is a marriage of classic pop forms and ambient haze that makes for a stark, dusky psychedelia.