Hooray For Earth

Bio Hooray For Earth

Manhattan-by-way-of-Boston’s Hooray For Earth are all set to release their debut album ‘True Loves’ on Memphis Industries in June 2012.

Crafted by songwriter/producer/singer Noel Heroux, ‘True Loves’ is an album of epic yet intimate songs. From the pulsing electronics and pitched down vocal samples of Realize It’s Not The Sun to The Last Post style elegy of album closer Black Trees, ‘True Loves’ is born of the personal, political and universal anxieties of contemporary life.

Written, recorded and produced by Heroux over five weeks in Manhattan and Brooklyn with the help of long-time friend, founder member and bassist Christopher Principe, with drummer Joseph Ciampini adding two days of rooftop drum tracking. Joining the line up for backing vox were Jessica and Cristi Jo Zambri from New York industrial synth post punk outfit Zambri.
Mixing was handled by Chris Coady (Beach House, Blonde Redhead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On The Radio).

As the album plays out, Hooray for Earth juxtapose pop, R&B and industrial sensibilities on the track No Love whilst Bring Us Closer Together is all eighties hair metal hooks filtered through mood stabilizers. Title track and first single True Loves is an off-beat behemoth of digital squeaks and squalls and Last Minute is a sci-fi rendering of the Wall of Sound.

True Loves, then, is an album made in anxious times. From embattled governments to mysterious mass deaths of insects and birds, where the reality of our situation trumps anything dreamt up by conspiracy theorists, Heroux finds a way to express the unease of our times whilst creating a sound that’s simultaneously uplifting. Somehow the dense soundscapes of ‘True Loves’ find a way to float on thin air. “The record is really aggressive sounding, but soft in attitude,” explains Heroux “I get more emotionally affected by extremes. I’ve really grabbed onto the positive, uplifting feelings in music that get me super psyched-but that can also come from sounds that are daunting and a little scary”.