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NZCA LINES are streaming their new album 'Infinite Summer' right now via the Guardian ahead of its release this Friday.

Click here to listen.

Once you've had a listen preorder the album from the following:

NZCA LINES shop (on CD / orange vinyl)
iTunes (with instant downloads of Two Hearts and Persephone Dreams)
Rough Trade with free Bonus Disc

NZCA LINES are on tour in the UK as follows:

February 10 – Manchester @ Soup Kitchen TICKETS
February 11 – Glasgow @ Broadcast TICKETS
February 12 – Leeds @ Headrow House TICKETS
February 15 – Brighton @ Sticky Mike’s TICKETS
Feb 16 – London @ The Pickle Factory TICKETS
February 27 – Sheffield @ Outline Festival, The Harley TICKETS


Field Music share new single 'Disappointed' / launch 'Commontime Radiotime TM'

Field Music's new single 'Disappointed' taken from upcoming new album 'Commontime' can be streamed right now below:

David Brewis says of the song:

‘We were consciously embracing the simplicity and directness of the pop music we love, where most of the song is in the chorus and the singing is always right at the front. I’m imagining a couple trying to get together and not quite managing it because they’re a bit older and they’ve already built up complete lives as individuals. Their expectations of what love should be have become too byzantine to let themselves take a risk.’

Grab 'Commontime' from the Field Music shop and check out the band's tour dates here.

In other Field Music news the Brewis brothers have also just launched 'Commontime Radiotime FM' on Spotify. Listen to Peter and David discuss some of their favourite tracks direct from the Field Music studio in Roker, Sunderland, below:


Field Music - 'The Noisy Days Are Over'

Field Music have just shared a short film for new single 'The Noisy Days Are Over. The star of the video is Graeme Hopper: friend of the band as well as musician, artist and DJ. "Grassi" (as he's known locally) plays himself in the video, which was filmed by Andy Martin, the film-maker and photographer responsible for the stop-motion video for School of Language's 'Dress Up'.

'Andy and Graeme pulled off something visually stunning, as well as being very funny,' said Peter Brewis, who devised the concept for the film. 'It's a perfect commentary to the song and it works as a snapshot of our little cultural sphere in Sunderland in the same way the video for 'You're Not Supposed To' did 9 years ago.'. Check it out below:


NZCA LINES reveal new track 'Two Hearts' and announce tour dates

NZCA LINES have revealed their new single 'Two Hearts' taken from upcoming new album 'Infinite Summer'. Check it out below:

Preorder the album on CD / Vinyl from the NZCA LINES website or from iTunes.

They've announced a headline tour of the UK for February. Check out the full list of shows and ticket links below:

14 Dec - London - Oslo, Lost Chistmas, Memphis Xmas party Tickets
Feb 10 – Manchester – Soup Kitchen - Tickets
Feb 11 – Glasgow – Broadcast Tickets
Feb 12 – Leeds – Headrow House Tickets
Feb 15 – Brighton – Sticky Mike’s Tickets
Feb 16 – London – The Pickle Factory Tickets



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