Bio Francis Lung

Manchester’s own Francis Lung, the nom de plume of former Wu Lyf member Tom McCLung, releases his new single ‘I Wanna Live In My Dreams’. His debut release for Memphis Industries, where he joins the likes of The Go! Team, POLIÇA, Field Music, it comes with a gorgeously intricate self-produced video.

Following on from the home-recorded Volumes 1 + 2 EPs, which contained titbits written during his time in Wu Lyf, ‘I Wanna Live In My Dreams’ sees Francis Lung return with a bigger, more expansive sound. Recorded at Low Four Studios with Brendan Williams on production duties (Dutch Uncles, Go Go Penguin) it’s a baroque pop rocket that signals Francis Lung’s new found ambitions.

The video for ‘I Wanna Live In My Dreams’, crafted over four months by Francis follows a young boy who falls asleep and turns into his dream alter-ego ‘Ghostface’, as Tom explains:

“Ghostface is a character I’ve been drawing for years, but I’ve never been quite sure why. I thought it would be nice to give him some purpose by creating this story about him. I’ve never made anything like this before but for some foolish reason I thought it would be a good idea to spend four months of my life learning how to animate. It’s a combination of stop motion, keyframe and hand-drawn animation and it’s made up of thousands upon thousands of frames. I nearly pulled out all my hair making it.”

“The song is an homage to The Ronettes – written when I was in love with sleeping and found it very hard to do much else. There are obvious allusions to suicide here and eternal sleep, but to me it’s more about an alternate reality than being death-obsessed.”

Currently putting the finishing touches to his debut album, expect to hear more from Francis Lung very soon.
Until then you are also cordially invited to a Francis Lung glitter party: