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Colourmusic Uk and European Tour

Yes! Colourmusic, who we saw a couple of years back at SXSW generally melting ears and brains with their coruscating blend of noise, groove and joyousness finally head over to the UK and Europe in May, to support the release of the obtusely named but bloody wonderful “My _____ is Pink” album. Check out the dates in the live section.

And if you happen to be in Austin for SXSW this week, you can catch them at the following shows:

Wednesday night at Friends from 9-9:40pm.
And Friday day party at Geuro’s (on S. Congress) at 1pm



The Go! Team - Apollo Throwdown video


The Go! Team European Tour Starts Today

Goddamit, we’ll miss them here in Blighty. But last night, The Go! Team left these shores for the rich and verdant pastures of Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and right there at the end, Spain. Check the live page for relevent details on their extensive travels.

Also, you really  should check out Kaori’s  excellent blog at www.go-kaori.blogspot.com for all the juice about life on the read with the team.


Banjo or Freakout Album Out 7th March

Finally – Banjo or Freakout’s self titled debut album is out – next Monday to be exact. According to the NME it’s “spectral songs are inspired”, and according to Dazed and Confused it’s “an album that explodes with ideas”. Which is nice.

Click here to download Go Ahead , and if you like it,  mosey on over to our shop to show your undying love and appreciation by getting the entire album. Hurrah!


The Phoenix Foundation Tour Diary

The lovely and splendid Phoenix Foundation have knocked up a couple of tour diary videos

Part one here:

Part two here: