Thunder Lightning Strike

album Track Listing

1. Panther Dash
2. Ladyflash
3. Feel good By Numbers
4. The Power Is On
5. Get It Together
6. Junior Kickstart
7. Air Raid Gtr
8. Bottle Rocket
9. Friendship Update
10. Huddle Formation
11. Everyone’s A V.I.P. To Someone

Details Thunder Lightning Strike

As the girl out of Poltergeist once said, “They’re here”.  And here they are, ready to put the disco in discordant, ready to red limit all the levels, it’s The Go! Team.

Lodged somewhere in the previously undiscovered zone where Sonic Youth meets the Jackson 5, The Go! Team’s debut Memphis release Junior Kickstart kicked out the jams and then spread it on crumpets for tea. The Go! Team repaired to the studio to commence work on their debut album.  In a highly secretive manner.

And now, at last (or about fucking time depending on which way you look at it) their highly anticipated debut album is complete, entitled Thunder, Lightning, Strike.

If you thought Junior Kickstart had it going on, wait till you hear Thunder, Lightning, Strike. Its hand brake turn music, its doing the ton, its double D-ing the clutch in a dodge challenger. From the current single The Power is On, a rock hard face off between a pocket full of funsize B-Boys and a rabid pack of Majorettes to the lo-fi block party uber-fun of Bottle Rocket The Go! Team seem to be suffering from a collective brain-wrong that is gloriously, euphorically right.