The Deconstruction of Jack's House

album Track Listing

1. Born To
2. Pack Animal
3. Peacemaker
4. Hospital
5. The House That Jack Built
6. Ode to Banksy
7. Dig This Record
8. D.N.R.
9. Deeper Devastation
10. When I'm Asleep

Details The Deconstruction of Jack's House

Jesca Hoop has a tradition of reimagining and rerecording her own albums and having previously created beautifully stark versions of her albums “Kismet” and “Hunting my Dress” it is the turn of “The House That Jack Built”. Recorded in her Manchester based home-built studio in December 2020, these intimate and immediate reworkings shine the spotlight on Hoops intricate, complex song writing with her astonishing vocals front and centre. “The Deconstruction of Jack’s House” is available digitally and on limited edition white vinyl.