You Can Have What You Want

album Track Listing

1. Once We Walked In The Sunlight
2. A Dictator's Lament
3. The Machine Will Tell Us So
4. A Peculiar Hallelujah
5. Jet Plane
6. Dead Love
7. Future Primitive
8. You Can Have What You Want
9. The Void
10. The Wolf

Details You Can Have What You Want

Welcome to the latest phase in Jason Quever’s ongoing pop investigations, the dreamily opiated epic track You Can Have What You Want released under his “Papercuts” moniker taken from upcoming debut UK album of the same name.

Touching on ’80s/’90s Creation and 4AD records, The Zombies, 60’s French pop and even CAN’s Future Days, You Can have What You Want is built on pulsing bass and Kraut-via-Ringo drum rhythms, with Jason’s fragile falsetto draped in a distorted reverb gauze. All the tracks were recorded on to tape because, as Jason says, “it just sounds better” and the album features contributions from Beach House’s Alex Scally and Graham Hill.

Says Jason: “my only real conscious effort with this record was to be more explorative, to find arrangement and sound territory that I hadn’t covered”. He was also heavily under the influence of the original Twilight Zone series: “I bought the DVDs and watched them a ton while I was writing the record,” says Quever, “and it’s clear to me that the shows mysterious, melancholic vibe seeped into album”.

You Can have What You Want is a moving gem of an album, a summer memory refracted through a lens, misty in the middle as well as at the edges, illuminated from within as a glow brings out a haze.