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Bob Lennon John Dylan
Fiscal Pickle
Real Pig
Race Day

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The Phoenix Foundation will release the David Fridmann (Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala) mixed single ‘Bob Lennon John Dylan’ on the 14th July

TPF have wasted no time moving on to new recordings after the release of 2013’s Fandango. Luke Buda and Sam Scott felt a sense of urgency to get to work with the new drummer, Chris O’Connor and to push the band into new directions. Fandango was the end of era, the full stop on the bands journey to find pristine production perfecto land. ‘Bob Lennon John Dylan’ is the start of the new chapter.

Here’s Luke and Sam on how ‘Bob Lennon John Dylan’ came about.

Luke; “Last year I made loads of demos – looking for a new vibe – and brought them to the band. There was one I made pretty quickly and didn’t think about much until Sam heard it and said “Well that is undeniably fun!” it became Bob Lennon John Dylan.”

Sam; “I don’t recall how we came to call it Bob Lennon John Dylan. It was just some sort of joke. However, through repeated performance it became apparent that the characters had shamanistic properties that we had not predicted.”

Luke; “It is almost by accident that these tracks are being released now. On a bit of an impulsive rush we contacted David Fridmann to see if he’d be interested in mixing these two tracks at some point OR when he has some time. And he said “Yes I would. I have some time RIGHT NOW.”

The Phoenix Foundation are currently working on the follow up to Fandango, due out early 2015