Infinite Remixes

album Track Listing

Two Hearts (Metronomy Remix)
Dark Horizons (Blue States Remix)
Persephone Dreams (Richard Norris Remix)
Two Hearts (Little Club Remix)
Jessica (Wild Woods Remix)
Infinite Summer (Mined Remix)
Two Hearts (Kid Francescoli Remix)
Jessica (Loframes Remix)
Two Hearts (French 79 Remix)
Two Hearts (Boredom Remix)

Details Infinite Remixes

NZCA LINES are following up their breakout sophomore album ‘Infinite Summer’ with ‘Infinite Remixes’, a collection of remixes and reworkings that will be released on September 16th via Memphis Industries.

The ten track collection contains reimagined versions of the big singles ‘Two Hearts’, ‘Jessica’ and ‘Persephone Dreams’, including a remix by indietronica royalty Metronomy.

Also featured are remixes from Richard Norris (Beyond the Wizards Sleeve, The Grid), label-mates Blue States, Wild Woods, Domino signees Little Club, Mined, French 79, Kid Francescoli, and Lo Frames, and Boredom. Michael says of the reworkings:

“Having someone remix your music is a bit like having someone refurbish your home. They’ll take all the familiar elements and switch them around, then add a whole load of new ones that you weren’t expecting. They might add a stand-up desk. They might replace all the chairs with hammocks. They might paint a night-sky mural onto your ceiling. Whatever happens, it’s going to be one thing for sure: refreshing. It’ll probably smell great, too. And after a few nights sleep in your new place, you won’t be able to imagine it’s ever been another way.”