Impossible Dream

album Track Listing

Your Mom Is Right
Kismet Kill
I Can Change
Stupid Face
Called You Queen
Jealous Girls
Better Than Me
Blue Diamonds Fall

Details Impossible Dream

Haley Bonar releases her new album release ‘Impossible Dream’ on 5th August 2016.

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Recorded on analog tape at Pachyderm Studios, Minnesota and produced by Bonar and Jacob Hansen, the new album is the follow-up to 2014’s ‘Last War’, which enjoyed widespread critical acclaim and featured in Rough Trade, NPR and Village Voice’s ‘Albums of the Year’ lists.
Bonar says of ‘Impossible Dream’:
“Everybody wants a story. Something to sell. I’m here to tell you that there isn’t one with this album, at least in the traditional sense, but ten. I could sit here and tell you that some of the songs are about growing up in the Black Hills. Some of the songs are about my parents. Some of the songs are about homosexuality. Some of the songs are about loss of youth, teenage parenthood, the lines of social disorder for women, or the terror of jealousy and suspicion. But what I write is borne of my own set of memories and ideas, and once they are released into the world, they do not belong to me anymore.”
Haley Bonar was first discovered by Low’s Alan Sparhawk who spotted her at a local club in Duluth, Minnesota and was so impressed he immediately invited her to join them on tour. Which is how, a week later, nineteen year old Haley Bonar, was transformed from college student to ambitious dropout, crammed into a Honda Civic with a guitar and a drummer for company, touring the US opening for Low.

In the decade since Haley has released a succession of recordings, each of which have garnered more praise the last, and has seen her collaborate with the likes of Andrew Bird (with whom Haley occasionally plays live) and Justin Vernon (who featured on Last War).