Glowing Mouth

album Track Listing

Here to Stay
Glowing Mouth
Gentle Beast
Lost in the Dark
Fright of Thee
Moon on the Sea's Gate
For Disposal
To Be Imagined

Details Glowing Mouth

‘Glowing Mouth’ is the breathtaking debut UK album from Brooklyn five piece Milagres (Portuguese for “miracles” pronounced mil-ahh-gris).

From the opening bars of ‘Halfway’ it’s an album full of languorous splendour and easy grace, the ambitious musical scope matched by main man Kyle Wilson’s swooping, soaring vocals.

First a little background. In 2009, having grown stale kicking around in the NYC music scene, Kyle took off to the coldest, most remote part of British Columbia to find some space, rock climb and recharge. However, while scaling one of the remotest peaks he fell, resulting in a serious back injury and months in hospital.   Initially, the injury was bad enough that Kyle thought he might have to leave music behind entirely, but slowly he recuperated and during these long days of recovery, inspired by a new sense of vulnerability and renewed passion, he returned to his songwriting.

Upon recovering he headed back to New York with a batch of songs and regrouped with Fraser McCulloch (bass, vocals, keys), Eric Schwortz (guitar, vocals, percussion), Chris Brazee (piano, keys) and Steven Leventhal (drums, percussion) and set to work on what would become the album Glowing Mouth.

So you have first single, title track ‘Glowing Mouth’, a slow-burning epic made for star crossed lovers, gently pulsing like an electronic heart. Elsewhere ‘Here To Stay’s  euphoric bucolics have more than a hint of shadow thrown across them, whilst  songs ‘Fright Of Thee’ and ‘Moon On The Sea’s Gate’ possess a dark, hypnotic beauty of their own. In these songs Milagres deliver recurring images of empty beaches, shafts of light, isolated mountain ranges and memories of childhood.  With Kyle Wilson’s vocals sitting comfortably in the lineage of great rock falsettos from Prince to Wild Beasts it’s a record remarkable for its confidence and poise, dynamics and drama.