Frozen by Sight

album Track Listing

Old Odeon
Santa Monica
Exiting Hyde Park Towers
Barcelona (At Eye Level)
L.A. Street Cleaner
A Town Called Letter
Mount Wellington Rises
Perth to Bunbury
St Peter's

Details Frozen by Sight

Frozen by Sight is the new album from Paul Smith (Maximo Park) and Peter Brewis (Field Music). Drawing inspiration from disparate musical and poetic sources the two Mercury Prize nominees have come together in a playful departure from their respective bands, with Peter Brewis’ chamber-band arrangements built up around text from Paul Smith’s travel writing, creating a a restrained yet richly descriptive song suite.

First performed at the inaugural Festival of the North East in spring 2013, Smith and Brewis began work in early 2014 recording the album at the Field Music studio in Sunderland with David Brewis, Peter’s brother, acting as co-producer. Integral to the sound of the record are the distinctive performances of the band: David’s dynamic push and pull on the drums, John Pope’s wandering, melodic bass playing, the precision and drama of Ed Cross’ string quartet, and the sonorous palette of Andrew Lowther’s tuned percussion. Brewis reinforces the arrangements with smatterings of piano while Smith features as a highly individual singer/guitar player.

Pre-order Frozen by Sight on gatefold 180 gsm LP, CD or download and you’ll receive an exclusive limited edition stitched lyric book, the first 100 of which will be signed by Paul Smith. In addition, you’ll receive an instant download of Trevone, Mount Wellington Rises and Exiting Hyde Park Towers from the album to your inbox to whet your appetite.

Further Frozen by Sight performances will be announced shortly