Fight Softly

album Track Listing

1. Sun Lake Rinsed
2. Mingus and Pike
3. Cinco
4. Cranberry
5. Closet Astrologer
6. Haunted House
7. How Kids Fail
8. Dusty Fruit
9. Two Humans
10. Olympics on Pot

Details Fight Softly

The band, led by songwriter and producer, Ryan McPhun (real name) have produced two startlingly original albums (2005’s self titled and 2007’s Sea Lion) of rich variety that draw from influences as disparate as 60’s pysch, polynesian folk, tropicalia, and modern experimental pop. The two albums won many fans around the world.  The band signed to the Sub Pop in the States, while Ryan joined El Guincho’s live band and saw his cover of the Beatles track Birthday appear on The Very Best’s celebrated 2008 mix tape.  The Ruby Suns toured through to 2009 with an ever changing line up, including from time to time Ryan’s other half Amee Robinson, Bevan Smith aka New Zealand’s electronic explorer Signer and Bella Union’s Harry Nilssonalike Lawrence Arabia.

A more electronic affair, “Fight Softly” is a logical progression from Sea Lion’s standouts such as “Kenya Dig it?” and “Morning Sun”.  With synth riffs and r&b beats introduced to the already heady mix, Ryan cites the half remembered motifs from The Ruby Suns’ touring mixtapes featuring Michael and Janet Jackson Madonna and Timberlake as an influence. This is pop from an oblique angle, a record that is strange yet still hyper melodic and with a sound unique to The Ruby Suns.