Arts and Crafts

album Track Listing

1. Ode To Immer Weider
2. Ralph & Barbara
3. Cast That Light
4. The Truth
5. Infinity Pool
6. TX81Z
7. Hollywood 1,2 & 3
8. Shoot Me Into Space
9. The Ghosts
10. The Exit

Details Arts and Crafts

The Black Neon recorded ‘Arts & Crafts’ on Solina String Ensembles, MiniKorg 700s, the RSF Kobol Expander, a Gleeman Pentaphonic & a SVC-350 Vocoder at the Audio Sonic Studiotechnik in Berlin, Germany.

The Black Neon was assisted in various performance elements and sound manipulation by Falk U. Rogner (Amon Düül), Harald Grosskopf (Ash Ra Tempel) and Yasuhiro Otani.

Though speaking not more then 17 words of the language, The Black Neon’s affinity and spiritual bond with Deutschland could not be stronger.  On ‘Arts & Crafts’, semi autobiographical tales of love and de-conscription from the DDR army (‘Ralph & Barbara’) and Man-Machine love affairs (TX81Z) blend seamlessly into The Black Neon’s sprawling instrumentals played in the traditional Motorik style.

Themes of love, loss and potent imagery of mastication, escaping to Mexico and silver sharks are all present. The Black Neon may or may not explore these themes further on future releases.