to the home of Memphis Industries, a london based record label of repute.

Colourmusic My_____ is Pink Album Release Dates

April 4th sees the very wonderful Colourmusic release their Memphis Industries debut in the UK and Europe, May 10 in North America – My ______ is Pink is a full on aural assault. Having seen ’em first out at SXSW 2009 where we saw them whip up a frenzy with possibly the loudest set we’ve seen at the annual austin bunfight.

Anyway, much like their live shows the record is a marvellous and chaotic affair, and we can’t wait for you to hear it


Colourmusic - Tog

Whipped up by Flaming Lips visual meister in chief, gorgeous George Salisbury, wih Wayne Coyne in attendance, Tog is just your normal bog standard Colourmusic show. Hells yeah!


Dutch Uncles - Face In

Who doesn’t like seeing a man in a dress? Duncan, we salute you.


New Goddam Website

Hells yeah, a new goddam website. About time too. We’ll be posting all kinds of exciting stuff all over it, but have a quick look round and let us know what you reckon.

Rolling Blackouts

Rolling Blackouts is out this week in Australia via Shock

We’re heading back to Australia in April/May for the Groovin’ The Moo festival and some of our own headline shows. The Groovin’ The Moo shows are on sale 15th Feb and the headline shows on the 18th.

Checkout the Live page for dates and booking details.