Spring Break

Bio Spring Break

Spring Break began in early 2010 as an attempt to harness Ryan McPhun (The Ruby Suns) and James Dansey’s (The Sneaks) more pop leanings and kicked off when their friend Lawrence Arabia asked them to open his New Zealand tour. Resolve steeled, the duo spent a frenzied four days channelling their love of Bieber, Robyn, Madonna, and Italo-Disco into enough material for a short set. Singing and dancing in their smallest cut-offs to the new recordings, the performance was a hit, which surprised everyone involved, Ryan and James included. The two booked more shows throughout NZ during the summer, topping it off with a memorable performance at Camp a Low Hum 2011, in a giant empty swimming pool overflowing with psyched, sweaty kids.

Check out their debut single Baby You’re Better:::::