single Track Listing

A. Yes!
B. Yes! (Voluntary Butler Scheme Remix)

1. Yes!
2. Spring Song
3. You Can Call Me By My Name
4. Put In A Little Gas
5. The Gospel Song

Details Yes

So yeah, Colourmusic. The world's first ever Yorkshire/Oklahoma based band, Colourmusic make us very happy.  A jumping on bubblewrap kind of happy and it doesn't get much better than that people.  And so, ahead of an album in 2010, we thought we should share “Yes!”, an ever so wonderful slab of euphoria.

Having met on a commune just outside Oklahoma City, Ryan Hendrix and Nick Turner (Yorkshire’s representative) corralled Nick Ley and Colin Fleishacker in to give flesh to Colourmusic’s collective brainwrongs. Playing in and around Oklahoma from 2007, Colourmusic’s shows soon became the stuff of  local legend – there was the show where, having not shaved or cut their hair for six months, the band invited the audience up to cut off their hair, and then their clothes progressively through out the set. They’ve invited the audience to paint them in emulsion, like a live action Jackson Pollock, and they’ve faked the death of Nick Turner, replete with real coffin and interview with God. All of this with frontman Ryan Hendrix's coming on like a cult-leader - spooky, uplifting and ever so slightly odd.

Allied with a video that comes on like the oddest tourist board advert for Oklahoma Yes!’s AC/DC meets the Lips euphoric heavyism’s serve as a splendid introduction to the world of Colourmusic.