Proof of Youth

album Track Listing

1. Grip Like A Vice
2. Doing It Right
3. My World
4. Titanic Vandalism
5. Fake Id
6. Universal Speech
7. Keys To The City
8. The Wrath Of Marcie
9. I Never Needed It Now So Much
10. Flashlight Fight
11. Patricia's Moving Picture

Details Proof of Youth

It’s been long, far too long, but they’re back with a box full of tricks and a fistful of treats.  Back once again it’s The Go! Team, with another treble-heavy adventure in audio, their second album Proof of Youth due for release on 10 September 2007.

2004’s Mercury Music Prize nominated and 250k selling debut album Thunder Lightning Strike came from

nowhere to win plaudits and fans alike worldwide with its hybrid of old school hip hop, noise band work outs, TV action show theme tunes and Motown horn blasts. The live show, all electro hand claps, dueling drumkits  and garage band guitar thrashings saw the band headline stages at Glastonbury and Reading/Leeds, tour the UK and the US with The Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth and steal the show at Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Bombing melodies into the stone-age with its needle-in-the-red, anti-production approach, Proof of Youth lurches from bubblegum pop to white noise in a heartbeat. This time the band bring a gang of glorious misfits to the party - including Public Enemy legend Chuck D, the original Double Dutch Divas, Maryland’s pint sized Rapper’s Delight Club, Marina from Bonde Do Role, Amsterdam based Solex and Washington DC’s Frederick Douglas All Star Cheer Team.

First single Grip Like A Vice sees b-girls slaying the fellas with brass blasts, a clap machine, a pound shop keyboard and a ton of feedback.   Doing it Right sounds like a marching band fully cranked through a marshall stack.  Keys to the City is epic widescreen Ennio Morricone transplanted to 70’s Brooklyn.  Titanic Vandalism slams blaxploitation boogie against guitar crunch with some heavyweight vocal sparring from the ladyeez.  Patricia’s Moving Picture is a sun soaked bus journey through a musical instrument shop.   The only let up on Proof of Youth comes in the shape of Vince Guaraldi/Mo Tucker tinged  duet I Never Needed it Now So Much and cover version of long forgotten sound track to ITV schools programme My World.