A Lesson In Crime

ep Track Listing

1. Cheer It On
2. Nature of the Experiment
3. Citizens of Tomorrow
4. Shoulders & Arms
5. If It Works
6. Cut Cut Paste (UK CD & Vinyl Bonus Track)
7. Be Good
8. La Ferrassie

Details A Lesson In Crime

Discordant noise and sublime melodies – who can resist? The Tokyo Police club record wound up in the hands of Memphis Industries on a grey Monday morning. We played it once, twice, three times and beyond that we lost count – then we did that every day and eventually just made time in our schedules to kick back and enjoy “The Nature of the Experiment”, the bands clear party tune, on a daily basis for the rest of our lives.

Raucous and delicious – with a lyrical sound resonating in Thurston Moore and the same musical concoction bands like Sonic Youth, Built to Spill and Pavement reeled in many moons ago. The boys are adorable, with an interesting new sound to offer. They’ve taken all the good bits from indie rock in the past decade and then put their individual spin on things.

The tracks were already written – the sound was already being nurtured – after just 3 days of recording in the studio ‘A Lesson In Crime’ was slapped on the ass and wrapped in a blanket.