to the home of Memphis Industries, a london based record label of repute.

Free Memphis Industries Sampler on Amazon

Happy new year to you all. And what better way to welcome 2014 than with a free Memphis Industries sampler available for free to download for free on Amazon UK, featuring free tracks from the likes of Polica, The Phoenix Foundation, Dutch Uncles, and many more. Did we mention it was free?

Memphis Industries Label Sampler - Free on Amazon

Not only that, but as Amazon have made us one of their labels of the month, you can download a selection of Memphis Industries titles at the almost free price of £3.99, for the whole of January. We've coined the catchy term "January Sales", which we think sums it up nicely

Albums for £3.99 on Amazon

Elephant's Non-Festive Mixtape

Elephant have just shared a non-festive mixtape. Check it out below.


Poliça perform on Kimmel

Poliça performed current single 'Spilling Lines' from their new album 'Shulamith' on US TV show Jimmy Kimmel last night. Check out their performance below:


memphis indutries 2013 selection on spotify

We whiled away an idle ten minutes creating this spotify playlist of what we've been up to in the last 12 months or so.

Stick that in your pipe Thom Yorke, and smoke it.

Menace Beach Share New Track

We're delighted to share a second track, Fortune Teller from Menace Beach's upcoming debut for us, the deliciously scronky and noisesome Lowtalker EP. The EP is out 13th jan on 12" vinyl and download, but you can get yourself an mp3 of Fortune Teller right now, to tide you over until then