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The Scantharies - debut album

The Scantharies debut self titled album is out on 3 December, a perfect stocking filler for the young n old alike. The Scantharies are a new band put together by Memphis mainstay and Andy Dragazis.

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Dragazis, who splits his time between London and the Greek island of Evia, came up with the idea of an album influenced by the Greek garage rock scence of the 60s and 70s whilst driving to buy cigarettes with his uncle listening to his old compilation tapes. These tapes were an eclectic mix of old Greek bands such as The Persons, The Forminx and Aphrodites’ Child, traditional Greek Rebetiko music of composers like Stavros Xarhakos and the mainstream instrumental guitar workings of The Ventures. Dragazis envisaged the album would be a ‘best of’ compilation of a band called ‘The Scantharies’ who he imagined bestrode the Greek music scene from the late 60s through to the end of the 70s.

Mojo gave the album 4 stars and said "A decade in a microcosm, Stardust with Demis Roussos cast in the David Essex Role. Quite Brilliant”.


Indie Xmas Label Market

That's right - its Indie Label Market this weekend, at Spitalfields, London. And we'll be there in full effect, flogging our wares live and direct. Which is a terrifying prospect. You can come and see us on Sunday, 2nd Dec, from 10am-5pm.

And here's a list of what we have lined up for you:

Assorted and highly collectable test pressings including Field Music, 'Plumb' and The Go! Team, 'Junior Kickstart'

Our xmas lucky dips - £3 for 3 x 7", £10 for 3 vinyl albums or 5 CD albums, all wrapped up and ready to go under the tree

We have a box of Japanese and South Korean editions of some of our releases, including Field Music's debut, and the South Korean edition of 'Thunder Lightning Strike'

Free stuff, with every purchase, including our 'It Came From Memphis Three' compilation

And of course we'll be carrying a huge range of our recent and not so recent back catalogue at low, low prices.

Watch Field Music perform at the Mercury Award Show


Dutch Uncles release Fester video

Dutch Uncles have just premiered their new video for current single Fester on Noisey (taken from forthcoming album Out of Touch in the Wild). Check it out below:

Stream / Download Fester below


El Perro Del Mar Pale Fire Pre-Release Stream

We're delighted to share the new El Perro Del Mar album, Pale Fire with you in its entirety

You can pre-order your copy of the album with the following reputable record stores

Rough Trade

She's heading out for a handful of dates across the UK and Europe, starting in Bristol this Saturday.